Our Team 

Our instructors are VDWS, PASA and/or certified, which means you're in good hands and your certification is recognized internationally.

We also work with a handful of professional kiteboarders for Advanced and Foil lessons who can kite and teach in their sleep. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to learn at your own pace and will help you exceed your own expectations with each lesson. 

Advice from @playacentralbaja, remember to let go of the bar when told and keep your mouth closed during Lesson 2. 


Olivia Rose 

Kiteschool Operator

From the island of Cozumel, Olivia's family came to La Ventana in search of wind in 2008. In 2010, Playa Central opened. In 2013, she joined the team and in 2016 she took over the kiteschool 100% 

The team that we have put together over the years will guarantee you will have fun and enjoy the immediate benefits of joining the kite community. 

Born in: Gabon, Africa
Kiting since: 2013
I decided to take a plunge in the kite industry and go all in because this sport changed my life and made me more aware of the planet, myself and others - if I can help teach others what kiteboarding has taught me, then I will leave this world better than I found it. 

Paco Bean Profile

Paco Bean

Head Kite Instructor
Advanced Coaching
Languages: English, Spanish
MTB tours on no wind days 

Paco started kiting 14 years ago back in 2004 and decided to come to La Paz to study University because of the school's proximity to La Ventana. He graduated and has now moved to LV full time and teaches kite surfing for Playa Central. 

Paco enjoys MTB, going to Choco Lake (a secret flatware spot in LV he will show you if you're lucky), loves his dogs and this summer is riding his motorcycle with his kite gear all over Mexico. He has some great adventures to tell. 


Sr. Daniel

Kite Instructor
Experienced Instructor
Stoke Coach for Beginners
Languages: English, Spanish
Salsa Instructor by night

Danny is the most enthused instructor we have because he goes full Energizer bunny all day long and never stops. From teaching himself new languages, how to play instruments or perfecting his kite tricks and big air techniques, you can be sure that Danny is someone worth getting to know during your stay. 

He has kited all over Mexico and taught hundreds of kiters this new way of life. 

IMG_2675 2.jpg


Kite / Surf Instructor
VDWS Certified
Strapless Kitesurf Expert  
Surf Instructor
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish

Fabio is our strapless surf instructor and he is one of the best kiters in the bay of La Ventana. He grew up a surfer in Italy and as soon as he saw kiteboarding he knew he would be chasing the wind forever. 

His specialty are children as he coached the youth kiteboarding team in Italy before he came to LV.