La Ventana Activities | Kiteboarding, SUP, Whale Shark Fishing

Make it a point to wake up before sunrise during your stay. If you can, do it every day. These are the most beautiful sunrises many have ever seen and you'll learn more about the thermal, the Venturi effect by watching the wind line come in.

The sun rises right smack in the middle of the bay. The beaches are silent with fishermen loading or unloading their boats. Seagulls meet by the rocks for morning gossip and there are vultures chilling atop the big cardon scattered across the desert. Each with their wings spread wide, soaking up the golden heat. The water glows and sky goes from dark to blue and off in the distance you are sure to see a whale breaching, manta rays jumping and if you are lucky and on a boat, you will see orcas out there. It is a bay that is alive and magical. A place in the never never lands located in the wild Wild West. And still there exists a place where there is no trash washing up on the beach and no oil spills to worry about. In the end we are all connected and we can make it a better morning every morning by doing our own part. 

Please let La Ventana have a good morning every morning so we can enjoy the cowbells dinging and the roosters singing while on our way to yoga and coffee. May we all enjoy the birds and the sea while we stand on the mirrored water paddling our SUP and time can just stay frozen. 

A good morning every morning is all it is to be.