Get Stoked! 

You’ve made it and you’re on your way to the transformation from human to kiter. Welcome. 

Becoming a member of our kite community guarantees that you will enjoy a new and healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, you will learn to fly. The ocean, rivers, mountains, fields will be your playground and you will know what it feels like to harness the power of the elements. The sound of leaves moving with a breeze will produce a feeling of longing that will make you smile and then giggle. Your board will become your best friend and the wind your lover. Kiteboarding not just a sport, it is a lifestyle and it's worth living. 


Test The Water

Get a quick taste of the sport and decide if it is for you, but you won't get wet. 

Time: 90 minutes
Land Lesson
Private Instructor
OR add $50 for a buddy to shadow your lesson. 

Getting Started
Everyone must complete Lesson 1 before they enter the water. This is where you start when you have not yet had a course taught by an Instructor. 

You will learn about the wind, the kite, terminology for the course and safety simulations. At the end of this lesson you can choose to continue and get in the water for Lesson 2. 

Get Your Feet Wet

This lesson will have you feeling the power of the kite and get you hooked.

Time: 4 hours
Land Lesson & Tandem Body Drag
Private Instructor
OR add $75 for a buddy to shadow your lesson for the first 2 hours (Lesson 1). Lesson 2 must be taught privately.  

What is the next step?
Lesson 3 & 4 are what complete your metamorphosis in to a kiter. Lesson 1 & 2 are about learning theory, piloting skills and retrieving the board we have yet to introduce to the lesson. The next step is getting your board on your feet and riding like the superhero you have become!  

Jump In

This package will help you come out feeling like a winner.

Time: 8 hours
Full Course Lesson 1-4
Private Instructor  
OR add $75 for a buddy to shadow your lesson for the first 2 hours (Lesson 1). The rest must be taught privately.  

Will I be independent?
This course will give you the tools you need to be a safe beginner kiter. You will know how to self-resfue and be self sufficient, while enjoying your time on the water and not depending on others. That said, it takes the average person between 8-12 hours to kite, depending on your previous board and wind experience. 

Life is better when the wind blows.
— @missoliverose
Kite Lessons Beginner La Ventana.jpg


We work with certified instructors via VDWS, PASA, and/or. We also work with a hand full of professional kiteboarders who can teach in their sleep, which means you're in great hands and you will be an independent kiter by the end of your trip, if you follow our lesson plan. These kiters understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to learn at your own pace and will help you exceed your own expectations with each lesson. 

Advice from @playacentralbaja, remember to let go of the bar when told and keep your mouth closed during Lesson 2. 


ln case does not blow, which seldom happens, no worries... we also have the following options about how you can get the best out of Baja in our area. 


Whale Shark Tour 

Price is $75
Transport to La Paz
+ $60 1-2 people
+ $30 per extra person
+ $180 up to 13 people

High Quality Experience  
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with whale sharks and learn about why there are here, where they are going and where they have been. Manolo and Darren are two of the most renowned marine biologists of this area and are dedicating their lives to educating the public and discovering the mysteries of this species. 

Cerritos Surf Trip 

All day surf trip
- Perfect for beginners
- Or progress your surf skills
- Qualified surfing instructor

What's included?
- Transportation
- Snack Lunch
- All you can drink water
(please bring a thermos)

Make the best out of a no wind day or just get to know the area a little better by

Relax & Pamper 

Get a Massage
Price is $65

In this advanced series you’ll determine your weight class and learn how to properly do a deadlift, squat, and bench press.