About Us

Playa Central is a family business that we created for you to have a better time off the water with a kite in kite out option for a bite to eat and the best Happy Hour in town. 

We are a kiteboarding family who moved to La Ventana for the wind in 2008 and opened the doors of this big yellow building on October 1, 2010. 

We host the Hydrofoil Pro Tour every year and strive to provide a comfortable place for riders to get out of the wind, connected and in the shade to enjoy a fresh world-famous margarita, pizza and a brownie sundae from our wood-burning oven. 



Playa Central Since 2010

The building was an abandoned and deteriorated shrimp farm that the locals called “El Elefante Blanco.”

2001 – Dan started kiteboarding in Cozumel.

2007 – He and his son, Adam, came to a local event and decided this was the place we wanted to be.

2008 – Jessica moved here months later to start Playa Central

2010 – Playa Central's doors opened October 1st Dan at the oven, Jessica making pizzas, Vivien making desserts and Olivia tending bar.


That’s how we started. This is a family business. All six of the family members are continuously involved.

2011 – Veronica established PC’s Farmer’s Market & gave the community a place to get together.

2014 - Bark for Baja became a community effort thanks to Olivia's initiative 

2016 - Petr & Olivia started GoodLife Kiteboarding while Playa Central promoted Kite 4 Water and Kite 4 Birth Control 


GoodLife KITEBOARDING, Playa Central Approved

You made it. You found us. You are on your way to becoming a kiteboarder.

Congratulations on making a decision that will change your life.

All Kite Lessons are tailored specifically to fit your individual needs.

IKO Certified Instructors available.

Lessons available in: Spanish, English, French, German, Czech.

Centrally located in La Ventana Bay, our clients benefit from the most consistent and safest beach conditions in the area.

We guarantee that your kiteboarding lesson will be exciting, fun and life changing, always keeping in mind, safety first, fun always!

After a recommended lesson package with us, you will leave our school confidently feeling like an “Independent Kiter.”


About Kiteboarding

Playa Central Since 2010

Kiteboarding is the purest form of sailing. Your kite is your sail, the mast is you and the board is your boat. The sport will have you gliding over the water, feeling superhuman and going bigger than you ever thought you would.

Similar to wakeboarding, but one has total control of speed and power through the bar and the ability to easily lift off the water whenever you want. There is kitesurfing, snowkiting and powerkiting. There is foiling and freestyle, slalom and strapless. Kiteboarding is a sport that is growing and it is so much fun to be a part of. They say, “kiteboarding will change your life.” We have never met a kiter that said otherwise.

Kitesurfing was birthed in the late 1990s – that was when it was on 2 line kites, straps on our boards, no depower and letting go was not an option. Today, the advances in safety systems and equipment make kiteboarding attainable for all body types, ages and athletic abilities.

Our primary goal is to get you confident enough to feel like you are an independent kiteboarder by the time you complete your suggested lesson. E MAIL goodlifekiteboarding@gmail.com to BOOK NOW