Fishing Village turned Kiteboarding Mecca.

La Ventana and El Sargento are two towns that are located in the La Ventana Bay, across is Cerralvo Island, which runs north and south of the bay.

As you drive into town on the only paved road, you will first pass through La Ventana, and by the time the paved road ends and the dirt road begins you will already be half way through El Sargento.

La Ventana is on the south end of the bay and is where most of the restaurants, hotels and bars have gathered. El Sargento is north of La Ventana and has become a residential area with a few hotels and restaurants. La Ventana is where you want to be when you book your accommodations.


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Keep it local.

La Ventana Wind: Conditions and Factors

It always blows. We have few no wind days. This is because La Ventana is a magical location for wind lovers, given the thermal always kicks in at 11am and often it is blowing before that. We also have the venturi factor created by Isla Cerralvo and the mountains behind us.

It funnels the wind through and then the thermal sucks it in, making it perfect Side Shore breeze throughout the day. If it is a starry night, and most are, there will for sure be wind the following day. Clouds are the only thing that affect this magical destination, but we can always count on the sun to come out and save the day.


Oct - April

The wind starts in October and homeowners will often come in September to set up their home and get ready for another great season.

October is a time where most of the businesses open their doors. This is when people start rolling in with their RV’s and start setting up their camp sites.

November is when people start really flying in and out for kiteboarding vacations and staying at hotels. December and January are the peak of great wind as well as the peak time for visitors and homeowners who come to La Ventana for the holidays. February and March are strong wind and people are still in town. In 2015 it blew more in April than it did in March. We hope for the same this year. Wind lovers are staying longer every year and squeezing the fun out of Baja for as long as they can. Most businesses close for the summer mid to end of May.

April - Sep

Prestine foil weather for all types of riders. These warmer months create a different thermal wind than La Ventana gets during the cooler months. There is very light onshore wind during the summer, so you would need a great board and a very big kite. If you foil, it is heaven. Fishing is terrific and we see groups from the Keys and the Carolinas who come to La Ventana for some great fly fishing, deep sea fishing and spear fishing. The marine life allows for whale watching and great diving, so the lighter winds make the water very clear and visible. Great for spear fishing and it is world class sport fishing. Rental rates are usually discounted during the low season, and you will find fewer restaurant options. If you are building or improving your home, this is the best time to do so because the weather is great, people have the time to work, and there is less traffic in La Paz, etc.

A Little History

Each town has a few families that settled there in the early 1900s and have grown over the past generations. Today most of the mexican families that live there are the same founding families along with their new husbands, wives and children. The number one industry of the town has always been fishing and as of the last twenty years, the town’s economy has begun to grow from tourism.

Although nnewer generations have other occupations, many of the fathers and grandfathers in the towns still fish in from their “pangas” every morning. Even today you will see all the local fishermen heading out to see as the sun rises, off to another day of hard work in La Ventana.

The women of the families who have kids old enoughto go to school have started working at hotels and restaurants, creating a second income for their families. Mexican adults who are young and live in La Ventana might also chose to fish, as their fathers did, but more are deciding to go into La Paz and study or work. It is also common for them to marry at a young age and live with their parents, starting new families of their own in their late teens and early twenties. There are a handful of local guys who have learned to kiteboard and already are employed as a kite instructor at the local businesses.

La Ventana attracts all types of people in the kiteboarding industry, some of the local businesses have hosted annual kiteboarding events and tournaments in town that have attracted people from all over the world to participate, support and. These events have great impacts on the local economy of the towns because of the influx of tourism during the dates and the exposure for La Ventana as a kiteboarding destination. A few examples of these events are the La Ventana Classic Expo & Demo, the La Ventana Race Series, La Ventana Windfest, Kite Foil Goild Cup, Hydrofoil Pro Tour, etc.

A great place to live or have a second home

Investing in La Ventana is not a risky decision. You are for sure to be successful. It is also a great place to live or spend part of your year. People from the West Coast and mainland Mexico have started buying and building homes and creating a great community. For the most part everyone is active, but not everyone does wind and water sports.

Fishing, mountain biking, hiking, bird watching, horse back riding, dirt biking, spear fishing, and sports alike are what people enjoy in La Ventana. The beautiful scenery and sunsets are also a true beauty of this planet.