Getting to La Ventana. What airport do I fly in to?

SJD is San Jose del Cabo, which you want to fly in to if you are coming from North America, unless you have unusually cheap flights to Mexico City from your area. If that is the case, take the flight to Mexico City and then to La Paz (LAP airport code). Compare prices and see what works best for you.

What do I need to know about the forecast?

In La Ventana, we have a thermal that weather forecast do not consider, as well as the “venturi” factor, which increase the wind speed over 10 knots of what is forecasted. There are a few light wind days a year, but generally it blows every day, when showing from the North, and strong.

Who discovered LV as a windspot?

The most general answer will be: windsurfers! La Ventana was first popular for windsurfers back when kiteboarding was not established. Today there are more kiters on the water, a, because it is one of the fastest growing water sport, and b, because most of the windsurfers who first got here have switched to kiteboarding. Although we are happy to be proven wrong, we are speaking from word of mouth and have heard that it was windsurfers from the town of Hood River, Oregon, who first started coming to La Ventana. Year after year more people from Hood River started to come down, including people from West Canada, Washington and California who had heard about La Ventana while they were vacationing in Hood River.