Jamaican Night

Monday quickly evolves to a themed night, this season JAMAICAN NIGHT, offering Jamaican mixed drinks and snack cuisine, Jerk Wings to be exact. Guacamole DJ takes over the atmosphere with his reggae vibe and Fritz puts on a stimulating light show.


Game Night

Tuesday is game night and often Beer Pong is played. We do Frozen T Shirt Contest or Beach Olympics or Speed Dating! Always a surprise day on Tuesday.


Open Mic Night

Wednesday night is Open Mic Night, which is a 5 year tradition and going strong! You are sure to meet everyone in town on Wednesday nights at Playa Central, and that’s when you find out about what is going on the next morning!


Farmer’s Market

Thursday is FARMER’S MARKET, with a delicious range of local, home made, and organic yogurts, jams and pastries; as well as sausages, smoked tuna and cheeses; one of a kind jewelry and Mexican blankets, hammocs and trinkets and Ace and his grill inside. The best part of Thursday is Craig Asher LIVE! At 7pm all season. He is the best 1-man-band you will every witness. Get ready to dance!



Friday is a FREEDAY with an every week Rooftop Openning day with a talented and undiscovered musician playing under the Baja sky. We often set up DJs for the afterparty and dance parties are a regular occurance.


Dinner Date

Saturday is DINNER DATE special, with an inspired 3 course meal – one night a week special. We often have bands come on this night, or some light entertainment arranged by the staff. The occasional DJ also pops their heads in.



Sunday Funday at Playa Central upstairs, downstairs and outside. It is one of the only bars that is open late on this day and we always have a party going on inside this big yellow building. Stop in and say hi anytime.

Kid friendly. Family & Friend oriented.
If you are Happy. Healthy & Here you will love your time spent inside.